CNG Church Services The people of Phnom Penh have been thirsty for an indigenously-run church that understands their culture and communicates with them as only fellow natives can. CNG church services are much more than a group of people gathered to hear the Message. Our services are occasions to celebrate and praise our Lord. Worship is rooted in our cultural traditions and filled with Cambodian music and dance. Everyone has a part to play, a way to share his or her gifts, and opportunity to learn new skills. Cambodian New Generation Church regularly worships with 400- 600 congregants - for such a new church in a nation with a Buddhist majority this is miraculous. What is even more amazing: the average age in our congregation is about 25. This is a young church with lots of growing potential.
Bible Study and Education From the youngest children attending daycare to adults who are coming to CNG after work, Biblical teachings and devoted worship are integrated into all our programs. CNG offers continuous classes in English as a Second Language, Computers, and Traditional Khmer Dance. Our classes are always filled. We pray often for more funds to hire additional teachers. Our students often "learn by doing," taking on various roles in the ministry. They are helping within the church and local community, and when they graduate from our program they are encouraged to continue their service in villages throughout Cambodia.  By providing university scholarships and dormitory housing costs, CNG also enables talented youth from outlying provinces to attend good schools in Phnom Penh.  Without this support, these bright students, trapped in extreme poverty would have no chance for such education. We pray for more funds for this outreach as well.
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