Cambodian New Generation Youth Conference In March 2013, while still a new church and ministry, Cambodian New Generation Children’s Organization felt called to hold a leadership conference for youth. After much prayer and interest shown by young people in Phnom Penh and surrounding communities, the young leaders at CNG made it happen. CNG hosted a two-day Youth Conference for learning, prayer, and baptism, bringing in 150 people from six different provinces. There was great fellowship as the young people shared meals and listened to pastors from CNG and other invited guests who would teach and inspire them. In speaking with Jack Horm Kosal, one of the organizers of the leadership weekend, they felt it was time for God to show his plan to everyone. As it happens with all of their services and events at CNG, the need and desire to attend was greater than they anticipated. They had to turn down groups who wanted to attend because there wasn't enough food or accommodations, and enough space in the church or room on the bus that would take them to the sea for a baptism. Jack said CNG is going to reach more provinces and raise more young people to "Please Him" and follow a straight, godly path.  They are teaching them "So that the youth will be equipped with the Word of the Lord and with a clear vision from our heavenly Father. This is our goal to let them see their future clearly." It was the first but will certainly not be the last conference this thriving leadership team will host. Please, help them support the second conference:
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