The unique and powerful feature of our communities is in the sharing. Sharing stories of what it's like to see a parent killed or raped or dying of AIDS in front of you.  Stories of barely escaping capture by militants. Stories of roaming the streets with no shoes, no home, no food, and no one to depend on.  Children heal when they find they are a piece in a larger puzzle. For the children who are part of Cambodia New Generation, this realization was lifechanging. The children become so close, and truly see each other as family. Since the Warm Blankets ministries reached into different countries of Asia and Africa, we always knew we have sisters and brothers in distant lands with different languages and smells and tastes and sounds and terrains and customs.  But whilewe know jungles and densely populated cities of Cambodia, could we really understand our brothers and sisters in the barren deserts of Kenya? Could the boys and girls with dark skin and short hair in Uganda be our brothers and sisters in faith also?  After all, the Church Orphan Home families reside in largely homogenous communities. What would happen if some of the young people from different countries would have a chance to get together for worship and leadership training and sharing their culture and stories, both good and bad? This unprecedented gathering and the fellowship that developed surpassed our greatest expectations.  Please watch the attached video and see for yourself!
Trip to Africa “I am not alone.” Many people have experienced a predicament, a loss, or an illness perhaps. Imagine feeling like you are the only person in the world experiencing this. It makes it much worse.  Of course none of us are ever dealing with hardships on our own if we invite our Lord to help us. But there is nothing quite like the support and enlightenment that comes with meeting others who are or who've gone through a similar hardship. Knowing you are not alone helps with coping and healing. We've witnessed the power of community in our Church Orphan Homes in the Warm Blankets Orphan Care ministries. When a child or a widow enters the home for the first time, there is fear and mistrust, and love is hard to accept. But once fear is replaced by faith and the constant of family in the form of other orphaned brothers and sisters and pastors and widowed caregivers, healing begins and a world of hope and possibility emerges.
What would happen if young people from different countries would have a chance to get together for worship and sharing their culture and stories? Please, watch!
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