Garment Factory Outreach If you stand on the balcony of the CNG building in the heart of the Phnom Penh garment district, as far as the eye can see there are sheet metal roofs of factories, factories that provide low pay work for hundreds of thousands of women. The smallest factory employs at least 500 young women, crowded together and working tirelessly up to 10-12 hour days to collect just a little more money to send to their families in the provinces or to make just enough to buy food or clothing for their young children. This is where CNG comes in, breaking the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. We offer: Counseling services - Women in our neighborhoods struggle with emotional distress while far away from home and due to very limited economic and social options and therefore are in tremendous risk for domestic violence and prostitution. Many have young children, further limiting their ability to educate themselves and find better work. Worship - Women are encouraged to come to CNG on weekends when they can attend worship services, Bible Study, and traditional dance classes. Childcare - Children of the factory workers can be found roaming the streets, without proper clothing, lacking food and hygiene. CNG is filling this gap not only tending to the basic needs of these children but also teaching them songs and verses to praise the Lord as they learn they are loved. As told by the lord we reach with love and care to our neighbor. Would you be willing to help?
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