Pastor Peter’s Story Petros Oun Chhayvra, better known as Pastor Peter, has been the key figure in growing Cambodian New Generation Church and its ministries. Previously part of one of Warm Blankets Orphan Care Intl© ministry he had already demonstrated exceptional leadership ability, heading a board of 100 Cambodian pastors who were associated with Church Orphan Homes or other ministries. But even with this background, it took incredible courage and faith to make the move he did to start Cambodian New Generation Church. He received pressure and threats from foreign missionaries outside of the Warm Blankets organization and he was told that he was sure to fail. He was often deterred from going out on his own but not discouraged.
Strong in his faith, Peter leaned on God during these times and trusted that with His grace it would work out fine.  And fine is an understatement. Peter has a heart for CNG to be country wide and THE premier Christian organization to support and provide leadership training for pastors so they can better help disenfranchised, disconnected, and isolated communities throughout the provinces. In doing outreach missions, he recently began to unite and organize pastors there for growth and support. With Peter's oversight and encouragement, not only has Cambodian New Generation Church been booming and leading a true revival in Phnom Penh, it has become a model for churches throughout Cambodia. All within less than a year! These indigenous leaders are young and vivacious. The support is not one-way either: "They are leaders for their own domination and they are having a good relationship with Pastor Peter and CNG. They have been and keep praying for us and so encouraging toward us. It is great to build up our relationship with them," says the team at CNG. On a sad note, to Peter's surprise, these pastors from all over the country had bad experiences with foreign missionaries just as he did. Too often an outside group would openly question and challenge the indigenous pastor's character, giving them an opening to move in and take control from the pastor's hands. Now, these pastors are breaking free from foreign missionaries and as they do their churches are growing quickly. It is very common for outside groups to assert control and try to maintain it among the indigenous population, believing they are the only ones who know what is best for the nationals. This model has drawbacks on many levels, from dependency on foreign aid to stifling innovation and empowerment of the nationals and discounting their collective knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, with power often comes corruption, and the indigenous people get the short end of the stick. That's why we are committed to supporting local leaders to care for their own people and become self-sufficient in growing food, accessing clean water, running churches and schools and job training programs. Thanks to Pastor Peter's outreach your support for CNG not only impacts more than a thousand lives in Phnom Penh but pastors and congregations to the outlying borders of Cambodia. Thank you!
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